Standing Up For Portsmouth Children & Youth

Since 2012, we’ve planted the Portsmouth Pinwheels for Prevention Garden. A blue pinwheel – a child’s simple toy – represents our efforts to engage the community in child abuse and neglect prevention.

By focusing on activities and policies that strengthen families, we can help make childhood a fond memory for all Portsmouth individuals. The 2019 Portsmouth Pinwheel Garden was dedicated on Monday, April 1 by Jerrauld “Jay” Jones of the Virginia House of Delegates.  Thank you to everyone for supporting this initiative.


First Presbyterian Church

Frankie Edmondson, Commissioner of the Revenue

Financial Counselors of Virginia

Eureka Club

Judi E. Luffman


Paige Cherry, City Treasurer


Carl & Susan Fincke


Mark & Ulla Geduldig-Yatrofsky


Ann Kirk-Mendes & Mavilio Mendes


Terry  Parker

Norfolk by Boat


John & Carol Rowe


Portsmouth Bar Association


Calvary Baptist Church


Sprinkle & Sprinkle, PLLC


Third Baptist Church

Bruce LaLonde


Calvary Baptist Church


Portsmouth Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services


Lynn Briley


Jones CPA Group